And Concept Store

Artisan and artist boutique

The boutique is specially designed for artists, craftspeople and young designers. It offers a showcase for all these talents to present and sell their unique creations. With a wide range of products, from original works of art to handmade handicrafts, customers can find unique and authentic items that reflect the talent and passion of the artists. Whether you're looking to decorate your home with one-of-a-kind pieces, or to offer an original gift to a loved one, this boutique is the ideal place to discover and support different crafts.

And Concept Store is a boutique dedicated to artists and craftsmen, promoting handmade and unique creations. Our mission is to support creators and preserve know-how, while respecting the environment.

Hello, my name is Bénédicte and I'm an artisan too, I design and make woven beads jewelry. So yes, I understand very well the problems faced by craftspeople: lack of time, the difficulty of getting known, of selling... And in another life, I was a store manager, and I deeply enjoyed the contact with customers, understanding them, offering them items that made them really happy, it's so gratifying! Today, these two aspects of my professional life have finally come together. I feel "complete", as much committed to the craftsmen as to the customers, and that makes me really happy.